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George Altgelt

George Altgelt has practiced law since 2004 and began his career as a front-line prosecutor in the Webb County and Zapata County District Attorney's Office. In private practice since 2006, he brings considerable experience to the Altgelt Law Office, which has served clients since 2010. Born in Austin and raised in the country of Hays and Zapata Counties, Altgelt is an avid and capable outdoorsman. He is married to Rosa Elia (22 years), and together they've reared two dynamic ladies who are forces of nature for the betterment of this world.

Our legal defense team includes Mr. Altgelt, one associate attorney, a network of panel attorneys, two private investigators, two paralegals, a financial manager, and some of the best forensic experts in the country (use of force, psychologist, defense tactics, weapons, cellphone and computer analysts to name a few). We work as a team to ensure clients receive exceptional service and sound legal counsel.

George Altgelt has learned his purpose in life is to defend those accused of a crime or workplace misconduct. He demands fairness from courts and deciding officials to deliver justice to his clients, and his results speak for themselves.

His entire law practice is dedicated to criminal defense and administrative employment law. Most of his clients are those with occupational licenses or law enforcement credentials. At the unique crossroads of criminal defense and employment law, Altgelt has found his niche. Winning the criminal case is just the start; saving one’s career, livelihood, and family is the next vital step.


Mr. Altgelt has been a panel attorney for law enforcement and citizen-driven defense organizations for the last ten-plus years: the United States Border Patrol Council, Texas Municipal Police Association, Peace Officers Research Association of California, and Texas and US Law Shield. He is also a proud member of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.


Mr. Altgelt and his fire-brand team of warriors have recently championed and won two major cases. One against USBPA R. Barrera, who was violently attacked by a large group of Guatemalan Immigrants on the US/Mexico border, causing his firearm to discharge accidentally and the tragic death of one of the immigrants. Despite the federal government’s best efforts to charge the agent for a crime (one that he did not commit), they failed, and the agent to this day has never, and will never, set foot in jail, much less a courtroom. Additionally, the civil lawsuit against him was dismissed, and he is currently in the process of having his back pay and benefits reimbursed.


In The State of Texas vs. Adolfo Villalobos, George and his defense team secured a not guilty for a citizen that was wrongfully accused of murder. Up against a zealous prosecutor and the (either corrupt and/or incompetent) Laredo Police Department, the jury quickly deliberated and noted that Mr. Villalobos, too, had been shot with the same caliber of the gun as the decedent, was beaten by the decedent’s brother and that he, unlike the lead detective, testified truthfully while drugged and beaten at the Emergency Room, interrogation room, and on the stand.
Additionally, the jury noted that Villalobos had no Gun Shot Residue on his hands, unlike the uncharged shooter, who was seen by the police washing his hands and kicking shell casings off his front porch from where he fired the weapon.

From the RGV to the Big Bend, the Altgelt Law Office has distinguished itself as the go-to law firm for Agents, Officers, Teachers, Nurses, Government employees, and Citizens who have been charged with a crime. We are your one-stop shop to neutralize those that will stop at nothing to take away what matters most.

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