Domestic Violence


Laredo, Texas Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic violence charges are one of the most common scenarios that play out every day in the courtrooms. The attorneys at the Altgelt Law Office have extensive experience with these cases. 

If you are merely accused of domestic violence, the police often have no choice but to arrest you and bring you to jail. Frequently, the accused was caught in a situation where he/she was innocent, had to defend him/herself, or the other side was lying or exaggerating the other’s actions to gain an upper hand through the criminal justice system. 

For individuals accused of domestic violence, this means that charges need to be taken seriously. Many defendants wrongfully assume that the charges will go away if the alleged victim does not want to press charges. Even if a victim recants, prosecutors may still go forward with a prosecution, and plea deals will likely be harder to negotiate.

If you have been charged with a crime of domestic violence, getting help from experienced legal counsel is crucial to improving your chances of a positive legal outcome.

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If you have been accused of domestic abuse, you should seek legal advice immediately. We are prepared to provide the vigorous representation you require. We understand the impact that a domestic violence conviction can have on your record, rights, and freedom. To schedule a free consultation with an experienced Texas criminal defense lawyer at the Altgelt Law Office, call (956) 725-4400.

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