Rosa Elia Altgelt


Office Manager AP/AR

Rosa Elia Altgelt received a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting at Texas A & M International University. She worked as a Budget Analyst at Nix Hospital in San Antonio, Texas, for three years while her husband was attending St. Mary’s School of Law. Later, they moved back to Laredo, where she worked as a Financial Analyst at Doctors Hospital for 10 years.

She decided to join the Altgelt Law Office as the Chief Financial Officer. She is in charge of all administrative operations.

In her spare time Rosa Elia enjoys traveling, healthy cooking, hiking and spending time reading about spirituality and personal growth. She and George have two teenagers that make their life happy, entertaining, and (very) busy.

Rosa Elia knows that the one characteristic that sets the Altgelt Law Office apart from other traditional law firms is the respect and compassion given to each client that walks through the door.


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